Tonight I managed to slap some paint on the samurai.

As I had been mooching about for the missing cavalry I did come across some of the Irregular individual miniatures. They aren’t too bad compared to the Baccus ones. It’s a real pity that the 2D6 ones are so tiny, they are really nice miniatures but don’t really compare to the others.

Today I got a parcel all the way from China… it was full of paint brushes, well around twenty of them. Now I honestly cannot remember ordering any brushes, apart from the ones from Wish about a year and a half ago. This leaves two options, first and most likely… I am a pillock and have a memory like a sieve, second is that I have received a random package of paint brushes from China.

On a totally different note, the printer seems to be hanging in there. The pole arms came out absolutely fine, so this evening I am printing a couple of ram cavalry… I am going for two at a time 🤞. Hopefully by tomorrow I should have four of them in total.

Well one day to go and the cough has started as well as the sniffles. Not a happy Bunny!

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