He gods, what a day…. ‘‘twas somewhat foggy this morning when I left for work…

It was patchy all the way in, but sometimes not good driving weather. On the upside, it was Chinese night at the local hall, my cleaner kindly gave me a sub as I was a bit short on the cash (children are expensive). I ordered it for 16.30 only to find that I had left my lights on all day. Luckily my cleaner Brian, who is a total star, nipped home to get his jump leads.

So we had yummy tea, after which , I decided to wire in the new plug. Plug end went in without a hitch, which was suspicious… the power end was using a snap fit junction box so I didn’t turn off the power … somehow there was a fracture in the live wire sheath that wasn’t visible. It went in fine first time, but it hadn’t held properly so I used my pliers to try and get it in further. At this point the invisible fracture met the earth and there was a bit of a flash, a bang and a horrible smell from our underwear. I have come to the conclusion that I hate these easy fit junction boxes and will now resort to the old fashioned ones that actually work allow the wires to be held firmly.

After turning the power off, I put an old style junction box in and voila everything worked fine. We now have our far infrared heater installed and it is working fine… however sadly my prints from last night need a bit of a look at…

I am not sure what is going on here, the crossbowman printed fine the other day, and yet here he has only one leg, as does the lion knight. I am trying another print this evening, it might simply be that the resin thickened as the temperature dropped (the heater in the shed eventually died). They were however both at the same end of the build plate so perhaps it is something to do with that.. sadly I would have known by now if I hadn’t tried electrocuting myself and tripped the power…On the upside I do know that the RCD works!

And finally, I got some Contrast paint onto the bases to hide the white. I will do the sand tomorrow…

And finally, this again made me laugh a bit too much!

4 thoughts on “A Flash, a Bang and Soiled underwear

  1. Lucky escape there. Electtricity is dangerous stuff.

    Liking what I’m seeing of the GSC… found a great oldhammer style armoured limo for them on thingiverse the other day….



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