Tonight I got my brush out and sat down to paint something only to realise that is was 22.00. So I didn’t get that much done. Argentbadger had suggested I leave the flesh tones white, so I had a go at the Contrast white over the base colour of white and it was giving a bit of a shading, but it just didn’t look right. So I added a smidge of flesh tone into the white and added a fair bit of water… this was the effect…

It’s not white, but it is a really light skin tone. So a bit thanks to Argent as I really wasn’t sure what colour to do the faces etc.

I set the FDM printer away this evening and got the cottage printing again, this time at 65% original size. Part of me now thinks it might be a bit small, but I will see in fifteen hours time.

It has been a long two weeks since all the kids came back into school. I am now on Easter break and tomorrow morning I do not want to get up until I wake up… if that is 15.00 then so be it!

9 thoughts on “A Smidge of Painting

  1. Loving the GSC so far.

    I know what you mean about the size of prints. I struggle to picture them in my hand even when given the actual dimensions in the slicer.




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