Tonight, I decided to look out my 10mm Dwarves I had knocking about.. well let me tell you why. I was just about to leave work today and Leon from Pendraken dropped me an email to say that as I hadn’t been on the forum for a while and as such my account was about to be automatically deleted. He said thought he had better just check to see whether I wanted it to be deleted, but also to check that I was okay and that no one had given me any grief on the forum. How about that for Customer service!

So here are my small dwarven force. As it is such a small force, I may be forced ( see what I did there) to get some more.

I also managed to get a hole drilled in the feet of the 1/35th scale stuff and get a wire superglued in. Once this had dried then I gave them a blast of white undercoat…

This weekend I hope to get the Genestealer cult minis sprayed as well as the small force of dwarves…

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