So tonight it was a bit like a Barry Manilow concert in here…

After two days of gales, on the nice calm day following, we have the power cut. Personally I reckon a starling sat on the power line and caused one of the damaged poles to give up the ghost.

Needless to say I didn’t try out painting by candle light, I mean I could have tried it, but chose discretion instead. I did however, get to fondle my new toys!

Evidently these are the instructions and painting reference!

8 thoughts on “Who Turned out the Lights?

  1. Oi! I hates when the power goes out! I’m kinda surprised we didn’t lose it today with the torrential rains we had today “way down in Dixie”! Anyway, all the 1/35 scale box sets have the instructions and painting guides on the back of the box. I used the assembly guide to help, but the painting guides are generally trash. Find a historic reference and paint away! Looking forward to seeing them in a diorama!

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  2. Hey mate its been a long time! i have a small window before we go but its hasn’t allowed me to catch up with all that has happened , will be back on the air in a week or two !
    These guys look really good and I look forward to seeing them and checking out some of you past work ! Cheers Pat.

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