Yes we are still in the grip of winter here on Shetland, now some may think it is normal and although in other parts of the world on the same latitude we would be ice bound and having to fight off Polar Bears, we are lucky that the Gulf Stream passes close by and keeps us relatively warm. However every so often we get a decided chilly snap, and we certainly have one now. This morning at 07.30 we were down to -10 C and at 09.00 a mere -5C. The last time it was this cold was 10 years ago when my son was born. It was so bad then that the health visitor couldn’t get to see my wife for two weeks… on the up side it is nice in the snow…

Not a bad morning to walk up the track to get to the car…
Looking across the frozen loch…this is tidal. Not a bad view from the local shop though…

Tonight when we went to do the horse, a blizzard set in, luckily the yard’s owner brought him in so we could head back home…

It’s windy and snowy… I hope I don’t need to go out tomorrow!

So after I got back in I did a bit more in the flag… still a long way to go, but on the way…

22 thoughts on “Blizzards, Flags and Snow

  1. Nice to see both the life and the minis updates. It’s a lovely -3C here in Southern Finland at the moment, but we’ve had temps drop down to -21 or so at times. The best thing about very low temps is that they usually mean bright and sunny days, even if frost does build up on your eyelashes from the air you breathe out!

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