I never got anything painted this evening as I was busy reading my new books. I have been waiting for the first one for an exceptionally long time. I. missed it first time around and never saw it again on anywhere, but the other day two popped up on EBay so I blagged them both. One for me and one for my mate. £15 well spent…

Duel allows you to play a character from one of the Elvish forces in Valon. Duels are for personal and regimental honour. I haven’t really looked at it properly, but I did enjoy reading the background fluff.

The second book was my kickstarter from long ago, it got sent on 18th December but sadly all of the ones sent that day disappeared. Luckily I was able to obtain a replacement and it came today too…

I do like making terrain and have some ideas for a new diorama. I will show you the end results when it appears.

I have found another series that I like… Snow Piercer… basically post apocalyptic daftness, set aboard a perpetual motion train that is 1000 cars long. I have pretty much binge watched the whole of the first series and am onto the second. This came about by me choosing something new or different to watch on Netflix.

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