Well that was a bit of an interesting Christmas Day. Pressies opened here, some yummy 85% dark chocolate to my good lady and I, smarties and coins for the kids, then off to in-laws for lunch and more presents. As the dog is a sneak we checked the room for any Chocs lying around and found nothing.

We came back two hours later to find she had somehow found our dark chocolate and ate the 60g bar. So a phone call to the emergency vet and as we had got back pretty quickly then we were in with a chance. We took her over and after a quick injection of an emetic she threw up all 80 grams of it and is now as right as rain.

The Vet said that although the darker chocolate is more toxic, it has less fat so that it lasts longer in the stomach. The other good thing is that we feed her once a day in the evening, so the only thing was the chocolate in her stomach.

So all in all a bit of an eventful afternoon.

Most of my pressies were to help me on the console to win at War Thunder. I am saving up to buy a Jagdpanther 😂. The fandoms I have been playing of late have the tactical acumen of a stunned kitten. I generally get blown up trying to cover their suicidal attacks or because of their suicidal attacks they have left my flanks and rear open to nasties.

I did get a couple of good books from my in-laws…

This book is about three metres long….

I do like this one from the Great War book…

So anyway, I hope you have all had, are having, or are going to have a Great Christmas.

I am going to try my luck with my Low tier tanks then off to bed I go. Haven’t got a bloody clue what day

14 thoughts on “Dogs, Chocolate and A Christmas Trip to the Vet.

  1. Yep been there, my dogs dominated proceedings this year too, as we discovered that both my collies have cancer about a week before Christmas, so this will probably be our last one with them both, Holly the one, is up and down to the loo every fifteen minutes or so, so she had me up earlier than when the kids were little!

    Not really much wargames related this year just some paint from my youngest (21), though he has bought himself a couple of gaming projects that we will have to paint up and hopefully play over the next few (lots of) weeks.

    Interesting books mate, have a cup of tea and a read!

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. Glad your dog is alright, that must have been a scare 😕 I have a collie and although she’s not managed to snag any chocolate, a few years back she nabbed a roast chicken off the counter which was frightening enough! Hope you had a great day otherwise! 🙂

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  3. I’m glad your dog is okay! My dog pulled a similar stunt a year or two ago on Christmas and she threw the chocolate up thankfully and was fine afterwards. I’d say you got some excellent reading material there too.


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