Ye gods I am knackered, buggered and other words to mean extremely tired. Last time I felt this tired was when my eldest had reflux as a baby and we didn’t sleep for 12 weeks. Thankfully my holidays start tomorrow… schools in Scotland are going back into lockdown for kids returning on 18th January. Staff are in so it’s going to be online learning for the time we get back.

Tonight I managed to get my Totoro printed for my daughter, problem is the feet fell off and liquid resin went everywhere… okay a total exaggeration there, some resin dribbled out. I then washed and cured it only to find that the dribble bits meant that the feet wouldn’t go back on. It took me about 20 minutes in my zonked state to realise what the problem was. Thankfully it is sorted. I will get a photo tomorrow. (In case you were wondering Totoro is a cuddly character from an animated film by Studio Ghibli). My daughter loves it so I printed one for a Christmas gift. I just have to paint it now.

I also got some wolves and puppies printed off, this will be for my next diorama. Somehow something weird happened on the howling wolf…

As you can see his back end is totally missing.i have printed two of these already and had absolutely no problems, so I haven’t a clue what is going on.

The other wolves will be in the front of a cave….

Now to be honest I think I am going to redo this lot again as the details are a bit soft. I will have a play around, not too much as I only have about 150ml of resin left. (Time to order some more methinks) right now I am printing off a few elves to see what they look like… hopefully I haven’t just reprinted the ones I started with! I am now having that creeping doubt that Iforgot to delete the file from the card!

I probably won’t get too much done tomorrow night as I will be running about wildly shouting Freedom, think Home Alone when he realises that he has made his family disappear!

4 thoughts on “A Night of Very Little

  1. What happened to the wolf is what’s often called “pancaking”, because of the flat surface. It’s a case of supports failing (as you can see), so the printer just keeps on printing with that bit stuck to the FEP film. Then at some point the rest of the print pulls it up again, and it continues printing. There can be a number of causes, especially if you’ve successfully printed a few already. The most common ones are the build plate going off-level for some reason so you might want to check that, or resin getting too cold and thus too viscous – I’ve started getting that in Finland now, as my printer is sitting next to a window – so you can try warming up the resin a bit before printing to have it nice and runny instead of sluggish. That said, sometimes supports just fail for no apparent reason, the joys of resin printing 😀


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