Bugger it, my back has gone. Therefore I am unable to get anything painted tonight. I have however managed to get some more of the French cavalry sliced. I suddenly remembered that the slicing software can cut the files. This has been A whole lot easier to work with. Things would have been easier if I had used a mouse as I can zoom in with it.

So today I printed off a couple more mounted dragoons. These came out okay. I do need to replace (or strain) the ISO to avoid any weird bits floating around in it as the wash cycle is taking place.

I had a play around with the miniature builder for the Printing Goes Ever On Patreon.

So there are lots of options to choose from, this is a screen grab…

And this is my version of a cavalryman (elf)…

Guess who forgot to turn the model, before taking the screen shot!

Hopefully tomorrow I will carry on with the painting. Tonight I have six infantrymen on the build plate.

It was my eldest 15th Birthday today. They are now called Sam, but were originally Beth. They came out as non binary in May, which is why sometimes I say my daughter, sometimes my son and sometimes my eldest. Poor soul has sciatica, which is crap at there age. They are also in the middle of tests at both school and the doctors. Yesterday was birthday takeaway. A very nice Chinese meal. We finished it off at lunch time today.

8 thoughts on “Back Gone… and some Printing

  1. Great looking minis, and that customiser is something else – must have taken a whole lot of work. Happy birthday to your eldest, and I’m really happy to see you using their preferred (I assume) pronoun, sadly not all parents are as accommodating.


  2. Ooooh, a Chinese meal for a birthday tea sounds good! 🙂 Hope you all enjoyed it! And watch that back, you’ve only got the one (stuff the COVID-19 vaccine, I’m waiting for them to market an affordable powered exoskeleton that’ll make DIY that much easier)!


  3. They do seem to be fine casts (do you still call them casts???) not a print line I can see!

    Happy birthday to your eldest, a Chinese tea, now that would be a real treat, I haven’t had a takeout of any description since Feb! Chinese’s is my favourite one though! 😁

    Look after your back, I’ve been there and it sucks big time!

    Cheers Roger.


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