Some day I may actually pick up a model or a brush, but it was not this day. We had a hiccup in our planning where my good lady was on a video call until gone 8, so I went and got my eldest from Drama. So we didn’t eat until gone 7.30 (chips) and then homework and revision and then Pass the Pigs….

Worst run of luck in my entire life in this game…

Yes, I achieved a grand total of Zero points, much to the hilarity of the rest of them! Stupid Game, I never liked it!

It was a nice sunrise this morning though….

Not a bad view from the work car park!

13 thoughts on “One Day!

  1. Love that game! I was introduced to it in the early 90’s by an older cousin’s boyfriend. He was from england and us youngsters were enthralled with him because of his accent. So when he showed us Pass the Pigs we thought it was the best thing ever.

    I own a copy today too 😀

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