Tonight I decided to get some more paint on the traveller from ‘the Printing Goes Ever On’ Patreon…

Now, having a look at him he seems to be going shiny like the rhino and wolves on the diorama. The difference between these and other ones is that these were undercoated with a brush then dry brushed white. Part of me is wondering if it is having an effect on the Contrast Paint. Either that or the Contrast is going a bit weird. Maybe it just needs a bloody good shake, more than I shake it normally I mean.

Not a huge amount achieved because I spent ages looking for his bag. In the end I took everything out of the box one by one and then returned them in the same manner, I then spent ten minutes hunting around on the floor, still nothing. Then at the point of believing that I had totally imagined Printing the thing, I turned around and there it was on the above tile on the windowsill. My daughter had moved it in case it got lost!

Tomorrow I am going to be moving the FDM printer in with the resin printer as it is warmer in the bottom shed.

3 thoughts on “A Smidge of Painting

  1. Odd about the contrast paint going shinny, I had 1 model where the black contrast was normal on but the brown went a bit shinny. All just over the same base spray. So perhaps its as you say depending on how well they are shaken.

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