Today my life has been full of vampires (or vampyres). I decided to paint one, my daughter decided to draw a comic featuring one and my audio book is the 5th Elephant and lady Margolotta has just made an appearance…

I have had this mini for years and he is my Vampire leader from Mordheim…

There is still a very long way to go, but I am getting there.

I really do fancy playing Mordheim again, I have plenty of fantasy miniatures and all of the rule books, so it should be easy enough to do. The only thing I don’t have much of is terrain. Definitely something to ponder over the winter.

This was shared with me today and is probably the reason why I decided to start painting a vampire.

I decided to do a little diorama with the seated character, I will need a corner of a tavern, I have some ideas, so we shall see where they take me.

On The Covid front, Shetland has now shut down our border, no one is allowed on or off the island unless it is for essential travel.

7 thoughts on “Vampires

  1. That vampire looks very cool, you definitely need to give him a repaint and send him back to Mordheim. In terms of terrain I always reckon the Warcry stuff would be a fairly good fit, so long as you’re just looking for generic Warhammer ruins.

    Honestly not being able to leave Shetland doesn’t sound like a real hardship, have you seen the state of the rest of the world? You’re not missing much! 😀

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  2. Nice Vamp, you should have painted him last month, we had a challenge going. 😀

    Keep thinking I should make some “Tudor” style fantasy buildings but never find the time, if I lived on Shetland I’d never leave anyway, so you ain’t missing much!

    Cheers Roger.

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