Today we have had apocalyptic rain, with a nice breeze and as such it hasn’t been the best of days. So this evening my good lady sorted out the stables as everywhere is flooded and the stream in the field has totally burst it’s banks. With having the cold in the field we thought it better that they came in.

So in said wind and rain we got them in, we’ll sort of got them in. The two older ones went in and the colt panicked and legged it into the darkness. Thankfully we got him in the end but by then I was having a sense of humour failure, torches failed we fell over, fell in puddles etc. But thankfully they are all in the yard now.

I really, really couldn’t be bothered tonight so I decided to give things a miss.

So this is the kind of flooding I am talking about…

I just love the sign!

This is the main road North/South road at Tingwall…

10 thoughts on “Cold, Wet and Tired

  1. This reminds me of a story a mate told me years ago, he and his wife went camping over it York, the farmers wife directed then to the field they were to camp in, “So did you get much flooding around here? asked my friend. “Oh yes you see the gate post there?” she replied pointing the gate on the field. “Yes” he replied “God! did the water get up to there?”, “No you couldn’t see that as it was under water” she replied.

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