Yes, the lazy sod that I am, I decided to do nothing tonight. Okay that is not exactly true, I washed the dishes and made dinner (a very nice cottage pie). I then considered painting something when my middle child decided that then was a good time to ask fir help with her maths homework. After that quite frankly I couldn’t be bothered, so me being me started to mooch about and came across Museum Miniatures. Now I cannot actually remember when I got my last Army from them, it actually went the journey before I moved to Shetland.

So anyway Crusader Kingdoms is out for Lion Rampant, so me being me started looking at 15mm Crusader miniatures… you will be pleased to know that I actually resisted the urge to purchase any, however I was extremely tempted by the new range of ancient Greeks…

I then played Fallout 4 on the console….

I did take a nice photo on the way to work (well it looked better in reality than what my iPad could cope with…

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