Feeling crap this evening, cannot stop sneezing and my nose is running like a tap. Because of this I haven’t really got much done. I did manage to get the tufts added to the bases though…

So that is another 6mm army finished, next up (in 6mm anyway) the Baccus Samurai Army.

I shall attempt some more painting tomorrow.

I did manage to get my wights sprayed ready for painting, unfortunately that is as far as I got 🥴.

The wights are all white

I had problems with the resin printer as it is refusing to print anything, which quite frankly is a right pain in the backside. I kept on getting this message all of the time…

11 thoughts on “Khmer All Finished

  1. I seem to get to feeling slightly under the weather every couple of weeks, don’t know if it’s new allergies or just general unwell-ness here in the US. Hopefully, it will move on in a couple days, as mine seems to like to do!

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  2. Are you using the USB stick that came with the printer? If you are, that might be the culprit – the USB drives bundled with Anycubic printers have been notoriously bad.

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    1. Cheers mate, I changed cards, reformatted cards, resliced,swore lots and reformatted AND resliced and still nothing. I did a quick google and it seems the best bet is to leave it switched off an unplugged to see if that helps.

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