I didn’t get much done this evening as we had our meal late and then it was time to let the ferrets out for a play. One even fell asleep on our daughter’s head…

Much fun was had by all, after this I got my paints out ready to go when my daughter said she still had some homework to do. How much? Said I. Evidently all of it wasn’t the response I wanted to hear. So we worked through her forty questions (I was being a little unfair.. she had already done 10). We got them all finished, so I could make a start on painting something.

I went for the two spectres and the Jotun Hunter.

Still a fair bit to do, but any progress is definitely progress. Hopefully I will get some more done on them tomorrow.

The conservatory is almost wind and watertight now. Hopefully I can get it finished pretty quickly. It has been pissing it down so that should let me see if there are any leaks. The rain was heavy here, but not as heavy as Lerwick…

Nearly there…

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