On my way to work this morning I stopped off to snap the reflections across the head of the voe…

Days like these are rare (thankfully) so it keeps the midges at bay. Last night was a bloody nightmare. They were everywhere and unfortunately one of the kids left the door to the porch open. The ceiling was black, the white walls were black. I gave them a spray with window cleaner (that’s all I had that was handy) and the floor became black. It doesn’t help that I am allergic to the nasty little sods. In all honesty it is one of the reasons that we chose Shetland over the highlands.

I got home to a nice parcel all the way from Japan…

I ordered these (note singular object in the photo…the other is on its way) back in the dark ages before total lockdown. It is a really nice looking model. The second one is 1:700 scale.

To be honest I didn’t actually realise how big it was going to be.

I am probably out gaming tomorrow if my mate is up to it. If not I am really going to try and get some things painted. I have the wooden fences to paint as well as, finishing the houses and stone walls … not to mention the printed castle. Regarding that, I am seriously considering giving it away. As I now have a similar sized one.

Tonight there was no drawing, printing or painting. So I really need to get back into things…

3 thoughts on “Parcel from Japan and a Still Day

  1. Oof, being allergic to midge bites sounds grim :-/ They’re pretty fierce down here at the moment, they’ve been savaging me the last few days. Mind you I think I’ve been bitten so many times now I’m pretty much immune. Was moth trapping a couple of years ago, opened up the trap in the morning and the entire bottom was almost 10cm deep in the little bastards. I didn’t hang around to empty it properly I can tell you, just tipped it into the shrubbery and ran!

    Liking the look of that castle, looking forward to seeing it with a coat of paint on 🙂

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  2. That kit looks great.

    I hate midges too. I was wild camping in Glen Nevis once many years ago. Dad and I were the only food for them for miles around. Wasn’t a pleasant night…



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