The printer has been busy again and I have printed all fifteen road tiles.

Not that you can see them really. This has got a nice selection of roads and some towns and buildings built in.

The set comes with the tiles for villages and town hexes…

Although they are great, I really think they are too large, but the roads set has smaller ones which fit much better scale wise (still very large if the tiles are a few miles across).

These will become my towns and villages on the map. The full tiled versions will become cities I suppose. My plan is to use these for my RPG’s as well as wargames campaign maps. The biggest surprise for me is that each tile tells me which one it is. I was coming up with extremely complicated ways to to record the tile numbers and tonight I noticed this…

Yep village in the woods is tile AR10, the inn is AR11 and the castle on the hill is AR12!


I think I have half a dozen mountains to print and then I have one of each tile (that I want). Then I just have to wait for the stretch goals and print some more of these ones that I want.

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