The filament printer has been a bit busy of late, whilst the resin one sits idle. I have pretty much been printing the hex tiles. I am doing one of each, as I said in an earlier post. Once I have got them all done then I will have a useable reference point to work from. As with all of my prints I keep a record in my little grey book. This allows me to work out how long things are going to roughly take.

Now as you can see, I have used a 5% infil. And printed them all at 100% size. Quite a few people are dropping to 75% or lower and some even going beyond 100%. Now some I think I am going to have to bump up the infil a bit, maybe 10 or 15%. So far it is the woods and the mountains that could do with a bit of strengthening.

So I showed the rivers and plains last time, so we have the woods and towns/villages…

And then the mountains…

The built up areas are pretty funky…

So next up will be the rest of the mountains and the roads I think.

I never got anything painted tonight as my friends came over for a barbecue and I have been working on the building project…

It is getting there…

Back to work on Monday, the kids start returning on Thursday, so hopefully things up here keep on heading in the right direction Covid wise. Unfortunately Aberdeen has locked down, and guess where the ferry loads of tourists are coming from? On the up side we can lock down a hell of a lot easier than some places, if you cannot swim all the way then you have to use the ferry or planes… if they stop then we can keep people out 😂. I do however, know some kayaker’s who paddled from the North coast of Scotland to Shetland. They basically island hopped all of the way up and then all of the way back down.

6 thoughts on “Further World Building

  1. An interesting little structure you have created there Steve, I could not imagine anyone swimming up on the nth coast having nearly frozen just looking across to your Islands near on two years ago .My wife is now blaming our outing to the Stacks for her bad circulation!!!

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