A bit of a rambling post, but I think I might have found something to change my mind.

So around about time I was writing the original post I was on YouTube and randomly came across Tyler’s YouTube channel. He was doing a video on testing the printer resolution through a resin exposure finder…https://youtu.be/GL-9Ia0SibQ

Anyway, Tyler also has a Facebook group which I joined and the other day he shared an upcoming Patreon. Unfortunately I missed the post, but caught up with it yesterday.

So this is what I am talking about…https://www.theprintinggoeseveron.com/

I blagged these photos from the website to show you what they are up to.

I am well into my ‘One Ring’ RPG and this looks like it is going to be very useful as it is Tolkien inspired, rather than D&D inspired ones. I am definitely going to look into this. It depends totally on price per month. If it is the $5 -10 bracket then It will pretty much a definite yes. Anything above that I will have to think about it a bit more. Luckily there will be an online shop if I decide not to jump in with both feet.

I will find out on 8th August… watch this space 😉

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