I have recently backed a few Kickstarters, not that it is any surprise, but they have all been for 3D Printing. The latest, and one that I am rather excited about is this one…

I really love the Palaeolithic period for gaming and this really does hit the spot. I actually have a role play game set way back then. I am very excited by the updates, mammoth and woolly rhino have just been sculpted and they look Awesome!

Now the title says Kickstarter v Patreon. As you can imagine I am in a fair few Facebook 3D Printing groups and quite often someone will post their latest Patreon set of sculpts be they terrain of miniatures and there is some absolutely amazing things out there, but they are wanting a monthly subscription of somewhere between $5 -$10 which in the grand scheme of things isn’t that much over the course of the year, but the one thing that I have found is that although I love some of the stuff shown, some of it I have no interest in it whatsoever. Therefore I am passing them by.

Now I do have one Patreon which is I’ll Gotten Games. This was a way of saying thank you for all of the free stuff that I downloaded of Thingiverse.

I am now at the stage where I am regularly looking at the Kickstarter app and choosing what I want. As an example, the rampart stuff above came in at $20 for all of the files (and stretch goals) even if I just printed all of the animals it would be worth it. This has 6 days to go, so if you have a printer, they are well worth looking out.

These are shots of one of the mammoth and the woolly rhino (both of which I am extremely excited about… maybe too much so!)

The other thing I like about the STL Kickstarter is that I don’t have to worry about postage costs.

Over the next few days I may share some of the other ones that I am backing, and a couple that I am really considering!

4 thoughts on “Kickstarter v Patreon

  1. I’ve always found Patreon to be clunky and inconvenient when actually trying to shop for something, and usually I’m just shopping for one or two things, and don’t really have an interest in the monthly stuff. Then again, the service IS about support as well – being a patron – but still. A lot of the Patreon authors luckily have their stuff on sites like Myminifactory.

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  2. There is some really nice stuff there, I can see why you backed this.

    I’ve never backed a kickstarter myself and I think i would be very dubious about doing one, I( can see it’s going to be the way forward, but I’m just too suspicious (for my own good probably).

    Best of luck with this though. Cheers Roger.

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