Ok, first off I think I need to pull back a bit on the resin as tonight I realised that I have pretty much run out, my last print, drained the vat dry, which was not clever. I forgot to check before going out so now I have a pile of house roofs and only one house to put it on. I have, however,got a cunning plan. I will use the broken roof and semi printed buildings to make a burning village… well I think that is what I am up to with it.

The burning buildings will go with these ones…

Resin versus Filament. At this stage I really cannot tell the difference. The one weird thing on the resin is that one of the houses is actually slightly Smaller than the other ones. Another weird thing is that the roofs just about fit. This will be easily sorted as I can print the roof at 51% and the house at 50%. I did manage to print a couple of Tori gates this evening, but sadly the bridge failed, for some reason one end detached from the build plate. In the background you can see the fawn I printed for my daughter as she wants to add it to a diorama.

I put all of the villagers together today… errr there are rather a lot!

No wonder I ran out of resin!

I have ordered a couple more bottles of resin, so nail it comes I am going to be pretty much painting things 😂

6 thoughts on “Further work on the Resin

    1. To be honest Pete , there is a fair bit of a difference. The filament, as you know, comes in at a kilo and my last lot during lockdown was £25 a roll. The resin I got cost £29.00 but for only 500ml so roughly speaking about twice the price, but upon saying that. I have printed off close to 40 figures, plus some boats and some 6mm houses all for £29 so with everything included about 50p per miniature. Which is still a whole lot cheaper than most.

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      1. 50p per miniatures is a pretty good deal in anyone’s book. Been a long, long time since you could buy 28mm figures for that price.




      2. I just did some maths based on the sliced figure. It uses 3.56ml of resin, so roughly 22p and the big troll used 17.13ml and costs about £1.00. This is basic resin pricing and not the cost of the printer and other sundries

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