We today, I decided to try one of each of the different ships, there were in fact ten of them. This time I printed them at 50% size. These will come in handy for Poseidon’s warriors.

The one thing I must get the hang of is to clean things better. Some of these are a bit of a mess. I think it will come with practice and knowing where the resin will lurk. It also didn’t help that two of them stuck together.

I decided to take my safety seriously and decided to wear my mask (that arrived this morning)

Maybe a bit over the top, but it works!

Tomorrow I will get the printer running again at ten seconds a layer. Nine is definitely better than eight so I will do another run of miniatures. I will put the jailer in there again so that I have a consistent figure to test the settings on.

I gave the Ender an airing today and it was an absolute sod. Changed the nozzle and also re levelled the bed, and fave the build plate a damn good clean before it would let me print anything.

I ended up with a small samurai village and an individual house in three bits for my 6mm Forces.

I bought these at the same time as the galleys yesterday. The village comes on a circular base, and there are some individual houses too.luckily the Japanese ones are included. I had to shrink the singles by 50%, and I think they will definitely do. This set also came with a samurai castle.

The sets had various houses from Neolithic right they way up to ACW, so I should have a fair bit to play with. Sadly the individual ones came in at only three sets. Samurai, Tudor and Russian.

9 thoughts on “My Ship had Babies

    1. Depends on the size of the miniatures really. It is fleet versus fleet, the ships are in squadrons from five in a squadron for the light galleys up to the big guys like the sixes have only one. It says 1:1200 scale, not sure the scale of mine. It has some actual battles in the back at the battle of Drepna you are looking at about 18 ships on one side and 20 on the other. I have wondered if I could use the What a Tanker rules to have a fun ship versus ship game

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  1. Wonderful! I’ve been thinking of printing some tiny ships for a while now. What’s your clean-up process like? For me, it’s:

    1. Dunk minis in isoprop alcohol, slosh around, lightly scrub with a soft toothbrush if needed.

    2. Let minis sit in alcohol for 5 minutes or so for resin lurking in recesses etc to dissolve.

    3. Rinse in another tub of clean isoprop (optional).

    4. Leave minis on a paper towel for IPA to evaporate.

    I’ve found that while some resins are described as being able to be cleaned up with water and detergent, IPA does give much better results – although it reeks horribly.


    1. I think I am going to have to bung them in ISO for the five minutes. I am doing the warm soapy weather and then into a sonic cleaner. The 10 second cure has definitely made an improvement on the 7 seconds. I will compare them later on.

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      1. Great to hear! Getting your settings just right is one of the frustrations and joys of the whole thing, although you’d know that already having an FDM printer. It’s just really rewarding when things are finally dialed in.

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