Tonight I based up the samurai.

Still the tufts to add, but definitely getting there.

I did have a bit of an accidental purchase of another army this evening. I was on Irregular’s website and was after some bits and bobs and somehow managed to hit purchase on a Khmer army.

The other news is that the printer has arrived. I am leaving it in it’s box until a) my Birthday on Tuesday and b) I actually have somewhere to put it where the fumes aren’t going to kill me!

The other thing that came today are bucket loads more resin stuff for the kids and I to mess with. This time UV resin and well as a light and colourants and hundreds of moulds.

Oh and one last thing… we have had special visitors around Shetland over the last couple of weeks…

Not my Photo, but Richard Ashbee’s

Facebook has a Shetland Orca sighting if anyone is interested 😉

16 thoughts on “Basing, nearly done

  1. Basing those minis really does bring them to life! That is really cool to have a wildlife sighting like that. The closest I’ve been to orcas is Sea World which is obviously not as cool as seeing them in the wild.

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