Well as promised, I eventually got some sashimono sliced into groups of ten.

Ignore the bed, it needs a clean!

I wanted to use up the remains of the spool of …. I got pretty close. These took 22 minutes per ten and didn’t really use much filament. I did four lots, so forty in total. Not really sure how many I actually need. I will count up tomorrow and see. I reckon I will get another ten out of the remains.

So this is what forty very small sashimono look like…

As can be seen there are a fair few wispy bits attached. I will get these off before attaching them to the miniatures.

The other thing I sliced was a test wooden wall. Each section is made up of seven pieces. So there was no way I was going to get it out of the remains of the filament. Once I have used up what’s left I will move onto the walls.

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