Oh woe is me. I am being dragged to the caravan for the weekend. My son has decreed we are staying in fir two days…which personally I think is a tad unfair as I have my blog posts to do. I was going to take some miniatures and a bit of paint with me but he is having none of it…

He has filled it full of games, we have everything from One Night a Werewolf to unlock the room Games.

The bedding has been deposited in it and breakfast things too. He is nothing if not thorough.

The view to the front isn’t too bad….

The more astute of you will recognise the view…

At least we don’t have to fight our way through the traffic to get there. Might even manage to get WiFi from the house out there. On the upside the power cable reaches too, so we have lights and power too.

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