So no painting again tonight. We did a video chat with some friends of ours and I had tidied up my paints and put them in their box. I couldn’t be bothered to move stuff and rootle around in there.

Instead I got my leaf punches out and gave myself a repetitive strain injury!

I think they look rather nice. I might find a reddish-brown too and add some of them in too.

The other thing was to mooch around Thingiverse looking for more lizardy things to print. After a bit of a play around with Cura, I sliced something then sat and looked at it for a good while. It was another 23 hour print. I did consider it, then actually just dumped the file as it was quite complex. I will either see what Ebay throws up or wait until the temperature increases. It’s not as if I will be gaming with anyone outside of the house for a good while!

13 thoughts on “Autumn Arrives in Spring

  1. These look lovely! A while back I stumbled on a post with someone painting coffee filters with a variety of inks and washes of different shades, and then using a leaf punch on them for some variety in the colouring.

    Just found your blog and started following it, great stuff!

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