Okay, so not the greatest amount used. I used a smidge on the Kroxigor weapon haft and a bit more on the top of the saddle.

I have decided to spray them separately as it will allow me to paint both in isolation… meaning I can get to all bits easily. I still have the shield to add to the rider so that I can get into his belly etc.

The rest of my basing supplies came…

This is a nice light colour which will be added onto the Lizardmen bases to add a bit of interest.

I did put an order into Greenstuff world and will add leaves etc onto the bases as well. All in all these bloody lizards have cost me a fortune😂😂😂

3 thoughts on “More Greenstuff Shenanigans (sort of)

  1. Hey Steve, out her in Auss we love to spoil our lizard’s, they are worth it mate ! I’m working feverishly on some Terrain at the moment so when I post it I will pop my Lizard you inspired in the shoot .

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