Tonight I decided to try adding some buckles or something similar to the straps on the Dino. Let’s just say my sculpting wasn’t that brilliant, so I decided to do a little simple moulding using this stuff…

So I dunked it in boiling water for a few minutes and then squished it onto the thing I wanted to mould. You can just about see it in the following photo!

So I got a little mould and shoved GS into it…. problem is…. I couldn’t get it back out again without buggering it up. So the solution was easy….

Throw it back in the boiling water again and then make four mini moulds. We shall see how they come out tomorrow. I have used Milliput in the moulding material before, but unfortunately it leaves a residue that soon ruins it. So this time I am sticking to the Greenstuff.

I have found a whole host of bits and pieces in the box of Lizardmen that will get added to the Dino before painting. I might actually use one of them as the mould to add to the straps.. we shall see tomorrow how they look.

I also managed to build a couple more riders, this time the drummer and the standard bearer (or Fantasy equivalent).

Instead of giving the drummer two drumsticks I gave him one and a sword as a drumstick in combat is likely going to be a hindrance.

The other one just has the flag pole at the moment. I will decide which variant I put on the top tomorrow. I do quite fancy the ‘draco’ style with the silk tail.

So tomorrow we shall carry on with the Dino prepping… I am considering horns and spines along his back… I will have to sleep on it.


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