Today has been the first day at work where I thought ‘why the heck did I come here’. I am sure there will be other ones to come, but today was the first. I have awesome kids, awesome staff, awesome parents, awesome colleagues at the principal level. Sadly it was others who should know better that got me on the verge of swearing down the phone.

But enough of my whining 😂. I managed to get all of these done in the red now. What I am considering is redoing some of the white between the orange and red and then blending in some yellow to make a bigger contrast. I think it is going to be the case that I put a dark row of spines and at least some of the top scales in the same colour. That way it isn’t just a big lump of red on the table.

Hopefully tomorrow night I will get cracked on. Technically I am home a bit earlier than normal, so it should allow me to have a bit more time to get more done.

Having just looked at the big Beasty then I think I might go down the same route with the claws on these. Go dark rather than bone colour. Once again I will give it a go and see what I think. The nice thing about Contrast paint is that it is automatically thinned, you can’t put too thick a layer on them.

Typically, with this army, I have found out two things… firstly I am only the third person in the club who plays Age of Sigmar (not that I have started yet) and secondly the battle tome for these is to be updated sometime soon -ish. So there is no way that I am going to fork out a widget of cash on a book only to find that 6 months down the line that what I have built will be pointless. Big problem is… I don’t know how best to equip/build them. Not that I am a Beardy player. But some idea would help.

On the upside, I am enjoying painting them!

11 thoughts on “Red Lizards II

  1. Gee mate, I thought you would know by know that there is always some bugger out to ruin your day !! I loved your Wargs so much I found some made by Dark Alliance ,the makers of the Fantasy Figs. I’m doing at the moment ,not as detailed as yours, but its a start ,so thanks mate for giving me the idea to incorporate them with my current fantasy mob I feel that they will be a benefit for some of the Amazon girls are only given strange beasts to ride on in one of there sets.


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