Today I did indeed manage to get some more done on the Theropod. Not as much as I would have liked, but some progress is still progress.

I decided to add a contrast stripe between the blue and yellow. It was originally going to be just red, but I decided to leave a white border and kind of liked it. Bottom line is…if I don’t like it I can repaint it. It still looks weird with all the other white showing, but once that has gone then I can make my decision as to keep it or not.

The black lines on the sail are for a bit of extra shading in the recesses. It is going to be dark blue, so I wanted them to be a darker in the recesses.

There are still some bits around the claws that need filling in. I decided to go for he claws, my original idea was a bone colour, but black seemed more suitable, plus this chap has them too!

He was going to be a mount for my hero, but he does seem a little underwhelming. I think I might have something a bit bigger and in a better pose. I will have to check.

I also managed to fire up the printer again today….

Here we have a double width demon gate and some Dwarven statues… I also managed to print some levers as well as some more packing crates.

I might see if I can find a suitable scary Beasty as a mount, if not Sleich will work out a bucket load cheaper…. Gw version £50.00 (to be fair with a rider) … I already have the rider, saddle and reins. I just need something to ride.

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