To be honest you can’t really see much, but I did all of the skirts and have started on the armour…

My eldest and wife were out until after 7.00 so I thought I would get loads done, sadly it wasn’t meant to be as my youngest wanted some help on the VR games so who was I to refuse 😉.

Hopefully I will get the rest of the armour done tomorrow. Not sure what colour to do the Uruk shields to be honest. I will have to have a think. In the films they are dark Iron, but then again so is their armour.

Sadly my hunt for the rest of the Wargs failed to turn anything up. I am sort of at a Loss as to where they are. I am now wondering if I got rid of them. They may be in with the ‘Hobbit’ miniatures but I really doubt it. I am beginning to think that I have got rid of them.

Whilst hunting for them I found a pile more Uruk and Mordor orks. I also found this chappie …

The kids had got him for me for my birthday in July.

I will get some paint on him sometime soon.

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