Huzzah! Progress has been made on the Hussars (sorry couldn’t help myself…overdosed on cold and flu plus).

But tonight before tea I managed to get some work done on both the horses and one of the riders.

The horses are pretty much all done apart from the metalwork on the bridles.

This handsome chippy is just about done too…

Still the base to do, but on the whole I am happy with how he looks. The rest of the riders only have their cloaks done so a fair old bit to do to get them finished.

As am still feeling ropey I am typing this from my bed. Me in bed by 20.00 hours totally unheard of 😂.

Hopefully I can get some more done in these tomorrow as I can enter them in a painting competition at the club. Not really one for competitions but I am trying to show willing as a new club member. Not to mention the fact that the Predator hounds should be here tomorrow.

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