Tonight was a bit of a late one so not much done, but I did manage something.

I also decided on a colour scheme of sorts…

This is the state of play so far, the other armoured sections will be the same colour as the upper body. I just needed to repaint the various bits back in in white.

I am quite intrigued by the galerus on the left shoulder. Definitely gives protection to the neck on that side, especially when firing. Pouches etc will be a military green (I think) happy to hear people’s thoughts on that.

I decided on this colour scheme as I wanted them to be in a different uniform to the marines (camouflaged), one that stood out. Meaning no confusion on the tabletop.

I really should get the marines out to see how this lot compare size wise. The originals were on a recessed base (as were the aliens and Predators).

So plans for tomorrow is to repaint the white bits that need it and then get on with the armour. I painted these in one of my new 20 pence (size 0) brushes. It seemed to survive unscathed.

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