So tonight I am knackered, we had a really successful Sunday Teas, my humble offerings…

Top left Nigella Lawson’s Brownie recipe:

Top right a random rocky road recipe

And bottom left Hugh’s flapjack recipe:

It was quite a good spread, this is about a quarter of the stuff we had brought in…

We haven’t totalled up how much money we made overall. My classes will count up the money tomorrow to see our profit over all.

Anyway tonight the Commandos were sprayed white and are curing, ready to have some paint chucked on them (still not sure what colour I intend to do). Most shots of the Wey Yu commando is them in white and cream. Personally I want to do something different. My Marines are in full camouflage. I am thinking some kind of blue or grey, but will have a mooch to see if I can find any reference images.

I also triple sprayed the Crusher too. Black from underneath, then grey and a final highlight of white. I will get on with them tomorrow.

The crusher will be painted the same way as the smaller xenomorphs. To be frank they are totally different to the original ones. They were painted black then highlighted blue. This looks a bit powdered on the white, I didn’t warm up the paint and probably didn’t shake it up enough. Lesson learned!

I am still after some more Alien warriors, some are appearing on EBay quite regularly. I also really want the sergeant who is sort of Apone from the Aliens film.

I will avoid the ‘Dutch’ miniature, as I really do not like the sculpt. He basically has, or seems to have a power fist???

The other thing I am on the hunt for is, as mentioned before, are the Predator hounds. Now there are two options here. The original twin pack of the hounds, which come without a textured base and then the unicast edition which has them clambering over some rubble and a marine with his intestines hanging out. Which is a bit over the top in my opinion especially if you are only hunting aliens!

The upside with the unicast edition is that they are, as the name implies, a single cast miniature, so no glueing needed. I will have to see what price things are coming in at and make my choice based on cost.

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