Tonight I spent ages trying to work out what colours to paint the riders.

In the end I looked at what contrast paint colours I had, in the end it was down to Blue, green or yellow… obviously yellow won 😉. The command mini with the sword is done in orange to mark him out as a leader. I will need to tidy up the skin on them with white to get the yellow to cover over the green splodges.

Because I want these out of the way I am pretty much throwing the paint on. Problem is I can see where the green was and it is bugging me, otherwise I reckon it would have been left the way it was.

Shortly after taking the above photo I decided that they looked boring, so made changes to the command bases.

I used the Black Hat back banners to make the standards and also to give the leader a back banner too.

I will get them painted white when I tidy up things.

I eventually got the last statue sprayed.

I really do need to get the printer dialled back in. The lines on this are really obvious. The printer sat for about two months so it might need a bit of TLC to get it back on track again.

Friday tomorrow so hopefully I can get these lizards finished over the weekend.

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