Got the elves sprayed white and decided to give the new ones a Contrast paint job too.

I am really warming to these paints especially for the 10mm minis. This is the Plaguebearer Flesh over a white undercoat, I really like the way it is a very yellow green. I gave the faces a quick blast with the Guilliman Flesh. It really does bring out the detail. The red colour is the Blood Angels Red.

I will crack on with these tomorrow and hope to have everything completely finished by the end of the weekend.

Today I promised to take the kids to the loch. It is really shallow, especially when the tide is out.

Not a bad place to have on the doorstep.

It was a little misty to begin with today, but still very warm. When the sun came out it made really pleasing patterns on the water…

And on a totally different note, we had a massive visitor to Shetland today…

For those that watch ‘Shetland’ (never seen it myself) but Jimmy Perez’s house is second from the left.

Sadly I cannot remember who took this photo, it definitely isn’t mine.

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