Today has been hectic to say the least…

My good lady is under the weather and therefore I became taxi today. Firstly to pick up a giant animal run, this involved emptying the trailer of crap, swearing at the trailer as the jockey wheel was rusted down, so WD40 and a hammer later I was on my merry way. Back in, a quick turnaround and back out for my daughter’s riding lesson… back from there to turn around to take her to a birthday party. As she was having fun I was fighting my way around Tesco.

I managed to get my troopers sprayed a second time and made some progress on a couple of the larger worms and the ‘fleet rescue/ security’ troopers.

I was just thinking about going to bed when my youngest threw up all over the kitchen floor! 🤮

6 thoughts on “Worms and Busyness

  1. I was going to say good going and then read the last sentence! Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Is a “giant animal run” a giant run for animals” or “a run for giant animals” and are those worms bigger than we think? I do like that robot/walker/mechy thing now you’ve got it put together!

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    1. A giant run…for animals… grammar is everything… it is definitely important when you write things like …. I am going to help my Uncle Jack off his horse. Yep the walker was a bugger putting together, but it does look good finished.

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