First up…

I did some work on the plasma bug, the black lines took forever. Every time I looked at it from another direction I had either missed a bit or had painted a white bit black. I am happy with it how it stands. Next up will be the blue bits, darker through to a light blue/white in the middle… well that’s the theory….

I also filled in some of the gaps on the large leech and then resprayed it. I did consider trying green stuff, but in the end I thought sod it and covered the gaps in gel superglue. I will find out tomorrow how it looks.

As for the good news, on Wednesday I was reserve candidate in a job interview, I have now been bumped up to preferred candidate. This is a secondment to the end of the term, but it means something. I have been a parachuted into schools as a head teacher three times, applied for a permanent post three times and each time have been told that I wasn’t quite up to scratch (paraphrasing a bit there). This one is a deputy head post, but I seem to have broken the curse or whatever it was that stopped me getting anywhere (different chair of the panel might have had something to do with it 🤔).

This was the view out of my Office (sort of) yesterday…

Not a bad view really. The high ground and cliffs in the distance is the South end if the island.

For anyone that is interested… home looks like this…

the photo above the map was taken from the sticky out lump (or the Wastside as people call it up here). One of the islands is missing from the map and that is Fair Isle this sits 24 Miles south of the main island (and only 25 Miles from North Ronaldsay in Orkney). The One to the extreme West is Foula.

Okay Geography lesson over….

Hopefully I will get some more done on the Bug tomorrow.

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