Firstly look what came in the post today!

This thing is huge, I can’t wait to get it painted.

Secondly I resprayed the crashed drop ship as the paint that had gone onto it had gone all shiny and horrible. So a quick drop into the car place and voila…white…or rather white-ish. It really does need another coat.

I also sprayed the intact vessel too.

Third on my busy schedule were the two combat robots from Ill Gotten Games. I am considering using them a CHAS units for Starship Troopers.

These came in bits. Legs and torso printed with the two separate arms next to them. To make sure these were secure I printed them on a raft, I should have got them off straight away but forgot! By time I got to them they had decided that they wanted to stay attached 🤬.

As the white spray can was out then I gave the Elves a blast too. They had gone all horrible and shiny too.

Yesterday I went over to my mates and we played UBoot. We sank 10,000 tons of merchantmen, locked horns with some rather nasty corvettes. Survived two depth charge attacks, with various leaks and a major fire we ended up with an exhausted crew and errrr… ran aground in Norway.

The highlight of the game was passing within 750m of a convoy in a massive storm at 01.00. We thought we would risk it and it worked.

One final thing… some of you may remember my gallivanting around the WW2 defences of Lerwick.

I eventually got a copy of one of the original maps ….

Interestingly the map was drawn to allow certain land owners to have evidence of what was on their land, these are denoted by the various letters inside the circles. My wife added the red to make it easier to see. It doesn’t show any of the seaboard defences apart from the tubular scaffolding round the coast at Brei Wick.

In my pictures I showed a trench system that didn’t face the front, it can be clearly seen in this map. The Germans were to be funnelled into a killing zone near to where it says South Staney Hill.

The other thing that it shows is my offices when it was an HQ building as well as a dotted circular shape between two HQ’s this was where a battery of howitzers were sited. These were to be used for fire support on the far side of Staney Hill.

I will try and get to the battery some time soon and get some pictures of that.

8 thoughts on “Sci-Fi day

  1. Dude, I love the stuff you’re printing! I never thought I would want/need a 3d printer, but now I love making parts, and wish I had a larger print bed for some bigger pieces, like the ones you’ve been doing. What size print bed are you working with?

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