Well tonight I shoved a base coat of grey onto all the miniatures I had in the kitchen with me and I must say I am really pleased with the results (the miniatures that is and not my ability to slap grey paint onto plastic models).

It really has shown how good they look. The black shiny plastic didn’t make it easy to see the details. I would argue that from this picture you can’t really tell that I printed them at home. If you look closely you can see extrusion issues

This can probably be sorted, it might be over or under extrusion. The extruder might need calibrating or alternatively I could have filed it off! At this distance the printer lines are a lot more visible but as it cost nowt apart from about 7 pence worth of PLA and time on the printer. In fact all of the figures above cost just over 75 pence worth of PLA. I have worked it out thus…. 1 kilogram of PLA cost me £18.00 . Therefore 1 gram costs 0.018p…. I think my maths is sound there… multiply that by the 42 grams for the weight of all of the figures… giving a total of… 0.756 or in other words just over 75p

Somebody please correct me if my maths is wrong! 😱

The printer is merrily printing of a night fiend… something I had forgotten to print for the game. As an experiment I am printing him extra fine.

Tomorrow I am going to have a bash at some Necromunda esque barricades and Alien plants. My first roll of PLA is running down so I don’t want to print anything large until the new roll goes on. As it stands I haven’t really sussed out how far ‘not much’ will go 🤔

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