The printer has been busy today (again).

On the left a pile of 18mm dwarves with their mechanical rock chucker. In the middle is an ale wife fountain…this will need either ‘water’ gushing out or I could make it into an older non functioning one. To the right is a punctured barrel with its liquid pouring out and pooling around the base.

I am also printing of what I thought were 18mm fantasy miniatures, they are evidently 28mm at least. I wondered why they were going to take so long to print.

All of the above came from Thingiverse

So I thought I had better credit the makers…

The barrel and alewife comes from Curufin

The little dudes are by Dutchmogul they are part of a game called ‘pocket tactics’ 4th edition. The download also came with hex tiles. The first ones were printed front and back flat on the bed. These needed glueing together. I then tried a one stood up and they printed fine without support. The elves however are going to need support built in as their swords and bows stick out too far.

The miniatures being printed now also are by Dutchmogul. They are from a game called ‘The Curse of Moht’ it is modular quest game. This again comes with hex tiles as well as tokens and counters. As with the above game the download has rules and cards… everything you need to play the game apart from the dice.

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