Today was a day if 3D ups and downs…

First the ups…

A nice little Stuart light tank.

I also printed of a Lego clone warrior for my little boy, some eggs for my daughter to paint like real ones. My wife wanted something printed as she was feeling left out.

Then the weirdness started. It wouldn’t print her stuff properly, I checked the bed level and the extruder, eventually I noticed that the nozzle kept getting covered in plastic that kept coming back.

Eventually I dismantled the hot end and found this…

The black stuff between the heat block and the metallic red heat sink should not be there. So this all had to be cleaned off and sorted. I added a new nozzle as the first had probably had it. It had worked itself loose too.

I also changed the Bowden tube, the white thing leading into the heat sink. I also changed the coupler, only to find the tube wouldn’t go through it!

I printed a new bit of an upgrade and am now printing a sarcophagus which I thought was going to be a quick one… I reckon it has another hour or two yet….

I also printed a nice little barrel

Tomorrow I must get back to my graveyard bits and bobs…

4 thoughts on “Further 3D Fun

  1. Seems lewss a science and more of a dark art this whole 3D printing process. It is fascinating watch you work through it though.

    The Stuart looks good btw.




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