The title says it all really… hardly anything done, in part due to the fact that a PVA and paint mix takes a fair old while to dry.

I will choose some gravestones or something for them. Part of me thinks one of the carts should be put on one of them…probably the top one…

After some feedback I decided on one more piece, this time with an open grave.

The theory is I am going to use a printed coffin in the bottom or possibly an open coffin propped against one end.

Whilst mixing the PVA with the paint I came across this….

It was like a giant snot in the bottle, needless to say the bottle went into the bin. The snot would not go back into the bottle so much stickiness occurred!

My laptop is back home now and I have sorted out my gcodes for various things to print. Unfortunately the shed is too cold to print in…Bloody typical!

I am going to have to build some form of enclosure for it so that it stays snuggly warm 🙄. Technically I could move it into the house but I don’t have anywhere to put it. The shed is 2/3 the size of the house which is why it is out there. We call it the shed but it is the old cattle byre.

The temperature is dropping to silly levels again tonight, so probably no printing this evening. Which is really annoying as I have a backlog of stuff I want doing.

To be honest I am enjoying making terrain again, it is so much easier than painting miniatures. If you drop a clanger you can always shove a bush onto it 🤣.

On a whole different subject my Ebay purchase arrived yesterday…

I got twenty miniatures for £15. I haven’t checked to see whether they are painted in acrylic’s or not. If they are, I reckon I can tart them up a bit. If enamel then I am not sure. I reckon they won’t come off their bases which is a bit of a pain as most of my other Flintloque miniatures are on circular bases.

I will photograph them all tomorrow when I get them out of the mega protective wrapping.

6 thoughts on “Graveyard Scatter Hardly Any Progress

  1. As I was reading this update, I was thinking why isn’t he printing more stuff for his scatter terrain, they you explained. Sucks that you don’t have room for the printer in the house, I find myself printing more stuff overnight, so having the printer on my hobby desk really works out well, bonus that I only print in PLA (thus far! LOL)

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  2. I sympathise with you over the cold weather. I p[aint in my shed too and it is getting pretty ccold in there. Cold enough for my breath to condense on metal figures….

    What temperature range with the 3D printer operate within then?



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