A fair few people have been sharing what they did over the past year so I thought I would have a look back through my blog posts to see what I had been up to.

The ran into three broad categories… 28mm Flintloque being the most numerous with well into the 120’s miniatures

Next were the 15mm French and Indian Wars and my HOTT army.

Bringing up the rear in scale were my 10mm Mongols and Amazons. I probably painted more of these figure wise than the other two.

I also painted up my 20mm Dark Future vehicles for Azazel’s Mechanical November Challenge. 28mm WW2 tanks and heavy weapons for a friend and bringing up the rear a Frostgrave Warband.

I knew I had painted a fair bit this year, but only when I went through the blog posts and media I actually realised how much I had done.

Now looking at my posts, I have been pretty well behaved figure purchase wise. I can’t remember when during the year I decided to try and paint what I already had, to be fair it was part way through and definitely not a New Year resolution.

So here is my purchase list…


Some 20mm operatives and drivers for my Dark Future Vehicles


bits and bobs to finish off my HOTT army and unfortunately a DBA Aztec army (I was overcome by a fit of Nostalgia!)


Some Ostarian cavalry for Flintloque from EBay. These worked out at around a pound per mounted figure instead of four so it was too good a chance to miss. One of them was the final figure painted in 2018. I still have six to paint.


Grapeshotte Schilling pack, this included 2 Artillery pieces with dog crew for Flintloque. As I already had some artillery I decided some rules would be useful (there are lots of other rules in their too) The Schilling pack was a good bargain. There was Free postage too!


Bier and Bones Schilling pack … I wanted rules and race states for dwarves, dogs, ogres etc. The Schilling packs are really good value. It did mean I ended up with dwarves and ogres to paint but hey! I also added in a squad of Savant zombies and four more ogres and a new resin ogre Officer. A pile of various civilians also went into the order (again there was free postage).

That is pretty much the purchases this year – well at least the ones I can remember. I am not counting the GW magazine figures as I bought them for the paint! The kids got the minis to paint (except they didn’t) I got three of the first one. Three of the second (I got one for me and grabbed the other two for friends, who it turned out had already managed to get one) and then one of the third.

I am going to try and follow the same mantra this year as I have enough Forgotten Forces Friday to last at least 6 months. There is however a clause to this. There is one miniature in the Flintloque range that I intend to buy should I get the chance. Lady Anna, an Orc lady is no longer available. I managed to get Lord Orcingham in a pile of other miniatures a year ago, but so far Lady Anna has evaded me… oh yeah, while I remember when the Perry’s bring out their plastic Agincourt mounted knights at least two boxes of them!

Where to this year?

I intend to keep on painting as often as I can. I try to paint something every night, not to the finished stage, but to simply get some paint onto something. Azazel’s painting challenge has definitely helped me get stuff done.

Things to paint this year are>

28mm: Flintloque …. (shit loads), Agincourt plastics

15mm: Aztecs and my prize from the HOTT competition- 15mm Lizardmen

10mm: Elves, Mongols, Sudan War, Dinosaurs, various other bits and bobs

6mm: Road wars

Not to mention various things in various scales that I find in the various boxes.

The 3D printer will no doubt become a bit more of a thing, once I get the hang of it properly. The laptop containing the splicing software breaking hasn’t helped me get on much further.

More terrain will be made. I need stuff for 6mm, 10mm, 15mm and 28mm, so plenty of choice there!

We are going to get role playing again this month with more Shenanigans in Middle Earth to begin with and I hope to get back to the club more this year.

So not exactly a resolution, but something to aim for 😉

6 thoughts on “A Year’s Worth of Painting Stuff.

  1. You’ve been amazingly disciplined with the purchasing last year, I have to say – along with pretty productive as far as the painting goes. May 2019 be even more productive!

    Liked by 1 person

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