Yesterday was four hours of frustration. Printer got half way through a sundial and then stopped printing. Dismantled the nozzle (twice) changed the nozzle (twice) still nothing, filament was dribbling through so it was heating up ok. Burnt fingers would agree, nozzle temperature was sitting at 200 degrees! Pulled the filament out too (guess how many times!)

Eventually as I was feeding it back in I noticed that the flow from the nozzle increased. So a bit more investigation occurred. I very quickly noticed that the filament wasn’t moving even though the filament pusher thingy (not the correct technological term) was turning.

It turned out that it had moved it’s way upwards on it’s spindle and was sitting above the filament.

The thingy is arrowed above. This is in the correct place for it, when I found it, it was sitting right at the top of the spindle shown.

Eventually I managed to get it going again…

Bits and bobs printed

I am still struggling with under extrusion you can see it on the picture below, the top should be smooth.

I was going to mess around with the splicing software today but unfortunately the laptop died! I can have a mess around on the printer settings as I go to print, but the software is the easiest method. By all accounts I need to drop the speed to about 95% and possibly the temperature of the nozzle, by 5 degrees or so.

I will print the sundial out again and compare the two.

Finally I found these on Thingiverse and just had to have them. First attempts were pretty unsuccessful. They got half way through and then moved on the plate. I overcame it by building a raft to begin with and voila… safely printed. Still problems with under extrusion (I think – still new to this)

I will get them painted up and photograph them again.

The biggest buggeration I have is that I need a computer to run the slicing program, so all I can print is what is already on the memory card.

11 thoughts on “3D Printer… Test 3

  1. Like you, I am brand spanking new to 3D printing. And while I didn’t have to assemble my printer (I received an inexpensive unit for Christmas), I had a similar issue with the initial extrude. My issue turned out to be a =n internal corner the the filament hung up on, such that I would get filament to run out of the nozzle, but not print. I couple of rethreading of the filament and now it’s working great. Still have a few misprints from time to time, but in general I’ve been having a blast.
    Question – where did you find the .stl file for the bits and bobs?

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