3D printer Shenanigans took place yesterday. I bravely hit print only to find the bed was at the wrong height. My bed was perfectly level, but only 3mm too low. This was easily sorted by dialling it up to the right height.

Drum roll please…….


A dog!

He stands about 7 cm tall. The print took just short of 5 hours. He only weighs weighs 36 grams so not much PLA filament has been used from the kilogram spool.

I downloaded a pile of upgrades from Thingiverse (thanks Azazel) to upgrade the printer a bit, mainly fan covers and filament guides Cura has downloaded and I am giving the guides a go. These will take an hour and 36 minutes and will use 16 grams of filament.

I really have to fight the urge to go an watch it zip backwards and forwards. I suppose once the novelty wears off then I will be less likely to stand and watch it.

My youngest daughter has snaffled the dog and has ordered that I make her a kitten to match the dog. My wife is after stitch markers and sock ruler for her knitting.

As a total and bizarre aside I evidently sat bolt upright in bed last night and said ding a ling a ding a ling then went back to sleep. I have no recollection of this whatsoever. It really does make me wonder what I was dreaming!

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