I painted sod all tonight… which remind me of a joke.

Lord Fartsagale dies without heirs, his last will and testament is read out and various parts of his estate are left to his loyal staff.

To Smithers, his loyal man servant of many years, a man who had seen his lordship through various ups and downs, he left Fartdale hall an old building with 15 bedrooms.

To his cook Mrs Higgins, a wonderful woman who kept his lordship well fed and watered, he left Widdle Hall a gran£ building with a great kitchen and 10 bedrooms.

To Grinton, his groom, a great man with horses who no doubt made his lordship a great sum of money through spotting great racehorses and training the same, he left Prior Hall, a spot with the gallop, the stables and 8 bedrooms

To Jones, his chauffeur, the man who dinged the Bentley, trashed the Rolls and lost the keys to the garage. He left Sod All…. one wonders how many bedrooms that had!

Sorry I will get my coat!

As I bought the 3D printer, today I made some STL file purchases from Fat Dragon. Tom was great and answered my various questions about what would be suitable for a newbie. He also advised me to wait until today as there would be a sale on. I took his advice and got some extras too. To be honest most of the stuff I got was free, my total spend came to $11.99. This was the purchased set.

I got this set as I thought it had a fair few useful bits and bobs to try out. The other things were a test cube to help with setting up the printer, the free dungeon sampler, and a crater. There was something else but for the life of me I cannot remember what it was???

Now to be honest, I have used Fat Dragon for years, but only their card stuff. They set up a YouTube channel to support their products but also support 3D printing too. The printer I had been considering was recommended by them too, so all in I am a happy chap…apart from one thing. I am actually quite nervous about the whole thing. I think it is partly a cost thing, although cheap by 3D printer standards it still came in at just shy of £200, Christmas money and the sale of toys will cover the cost, but at the back of my mind is the worry that I won’t get on with it! Only time will tell I suppose. No doubt after building lots of Lego on Christmas Day I might actually get around to building my present 🤣

On a totally different note I was at a meeting today and in the room was a map if Shetland from 1744.

Now there are a few interesting things about this map. Firstly they don’t care about inland stuff, it is a map for seafarers…the various islands are all named, even the smaller ones. The proportions are way out, but fair play to them they did it by eye and line if sight etc. One of the other interesting things is the note on Fair Isle…Famous for the best hawks to be had anywhere. Interestingly enough, there are no hawks on Fair Isle any more! I love the fact that we were part of Orkneyshire!

4 thoughts on “A Night Off

  1. It’s facinating where you live and the life style that goes with it and I enjoy these little references that you add from time to time. As for the 3d printer I totally get where you are coming from. It’s not a lot of money if you get on with it and use it but it’s quite a waste if you don’t. I guess you have to start somewhere though and I think it’s the future for so many things so good luck with it and have a great Christmas..


  2. After reading this the other day, I wandered over to DrivethruRPG and downloaded all of their free stuff. Not that I have a 3-D printer yet, but I’m stocking up on files occasionally for when they become cheaper, higher-detail and (most importantly) idiot-proof!

    Thingiverse also has a LOT of stuff on it for free download. Some is pretty damned good, too!

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