As you might guess…. Not men at all, but elite Orcs of the 105th rifles…

Did a bit of tidying up but as I was so cold I called it an early night.

This set was my first ever Flintloque figures, I picked them up at a convention, York I think. I took them home and got them painted pretty quickly and really liked them… a few more purchases and then no one else was interested. I hung onto them for an age, but then the vast majority went the journey in a bring and buy.

Scroll forwards a lot of years and look what is back on my table. I think I have beaten my original levels of miniatures… back then there wasn’t the range that there is now.

So anyway above we have…

Captain Reckhardt Sharke

Sergeant Padrig Harpy

Private Hagsmun

Private Arris

Private Tunge

Young Private Purkinnz

In the set came nine Ferach… (French Elves). Some of them below, they were finished a year ago!

My good mate Wiggy got me back into these. I have three of these boxed sets, I bought one, he bought me one for Christmas and then I got a pile of stuff off eBay and that had a box in too.

I can use any amount of Ferach but the heroes of the 105th can’t really be used more than once.

Hopefully tomorrow night I will be warmer than tonight (the joys of living in an ancient house) and I will get a pile more done on the orcs.

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